Friday Feels: Flashes of Fitness

There are a lot of F’s in that headline, so pardon my deep love for alliteration. Here is another edition of Friday Feels. If you missed last week’s (the introduction to the column), click HERE.

This week was a total whirlwind. It went by so quickly and each day felt like the wrong day. Monday felt like Friday, Thursday felt like Monday, etc. etc. What are you gonna do, ja feel? Let’s hop right into the #FridayFeels.

1. Just another amazingly beautiful weekend in Minnesota. I walked down to Lake Calhoun and made friends with a cute little panfish while sitting on a rock by the water.

Lake Calhoun on a beautiful summer day

2. On the same excursion, I did my part and had a #ShopREALLYSmall moment, buying lemonade stand lemonade from a group of young girls who were embracing entrepreneurship as well as donating 10% of proceeds to the local animal shelter

3. #FitJack is back! I not only did 90 minutes of very warm power yoga at @MinnesotaPowerYoga (though TBH I did not intend on sweating more that I had in my entire life during those 90 minutes), but I did an intro class at @CycleBarUptownMPLS with my aunt. AND, I’m going to try and keep it up. Stay tuned for a check in next Friday.

4. Because I was #FitJack, I seriously indulged on Wednesday with two amazing friends at @PajaritoSTP. The food was delish and I still can’t stop dreaming about the Habanero-Cilantro Margarita.

Habanero-Cilantro Margarita from Pajarito in St. Paul

5. The eclipse was SUCH a big deal. I still can’t believe how cool all of the pictures/videos were. Sadly, in Minnesota, we didn’t have a great view as we were one of the only cloud-covered parts of the country that day. I did get to see a little bit of it during peak which was such a neat experience. New bucket list item: Experiencing a full eclipse.

6. I’m still on a pickle kick, trying out a recipe for Bread & Butter pickles from @BrownEyedBaker today — They are in my fridge hanging out as I type this.

Bread and Butter Pickles

7. I attended an amazing blogger meetup event last night sponsored by the @TwinCitiesCollective and @IndustriousHQ at the latter’s downtown Minneapolis coworking space. It was so nice to mingle with other bloggers as well as brands.

8. I had my last haircut with my amazing hairdresser, Zalina, as she is graduating from the Aveda Institute in the next couple of weeks. She is so talented. Also, this haircut has been giving me such good luck and positive energy since I got it on Wednesday.

9. It has been super busy at work… and I still want to post a blog entry about what I do for a living, but I haven’t had much time at all… Let’s shoot for next week!

Thanks for reading folks. Are you still liking this? Because I love writing these #FridayFeels posts — I hope that it comes through. In the comments, what is your favorite type of pickle? You could even go as far as to go with a non-cucumber pickled item (like pickled herring). Happy Friday!

Friday Feels is a weekly column on where Jack recaps his week and shares short form insights into his experiences and overall feels.

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