Committing To Shovel Snow

Shoveling snow. A topic that I, as a Minnesota lifestyle blogger who has shoveled snow all winter long, need to touch on. Basically a requirement at this point. I can’t believe I haven’t brought it up until now… This is the perfect time too as flakes gently fall from the pure white sky as I sit in this Starbucks.

First and foremost, snow is a wakeup call that we are nearly powerless when it comes to the workings of our world. Mother Nature has all of the control, and she is going to use her power as she deems fit, summoning a foot and a half of icy snow at 12 below or dainty flakes on Christmas Day.

But the universe does not care about my work schedule or if I am coughing up a lung in my bed. If snow is coming down; snow is coming down. It is then my job to take that snow and push it around until the sidewalks and parking pad of my duplex are clear.

Snowy Trees

When I initially dreamed up the concept of this post two months ago, I kept on coming back to how powerless I was in the grand scheme of things. Like a total bummer. This was after I had to deal with that foot and a half of icy snow when I was sick, coughing-up-a-lung, Jack. The way that piece was shaping out was NOT the message I wanted to put out into the world. Until later when I recognized the beauty in that vulnerability.

Being in Minnesota, one of the snowiest states in the country, I realized how powerful we are as humans working together. I have fond memories from this winter: waking up just before the sun rose past the horizon and shoveling along with most of my neighbors, hearing those snow plows and salt vehicles powering through snow-laden streets, throughout the day and night. All so that most folks are able to go about their days as usual. It’s kind of an empowering thing to have everyone working together towards a common goal.

But buyers beware, commitment is… important… Surprise! ahah, but for real though. Missing a day of shoveling, salting, or plowing could have consequences. I didn’t really know what I was doing at the beginning of the winter, and I was not handling a strip of snow at end of the driveway near the alley. Over the course of the next couple of snowfalls, I kept ignoring this patch, and ice began to buildup. And when I say ice, I mean a small glacier. At one point, I couldn’t even get my minivan up and over it — As you can imagine, I had to get pretty creative. It took until March for it to melt. My lack of commitment to maintaining that strip of snow caught up to me and really became an issue.

But that commitment is important. Its a value that can be transferred all over one’s life. In healthy eating. In relationships. In dental hygiene. It’s a big deal..! Ok commitment spiel over. I had to do that because I am trying really hard to stay committed to my writing. Check out my post from yesterday here.

A positive attitude was my key to staying motivated and committed during these snowy, winter months. I frame it in my mind as a good way to get exercise and spend time outside. I’ll listen to an album through my headphones (faves this winter have been Ratchet by Shamir, The Cranberries: Gold by The Cranberries, and Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 by Calvin Harris). And, I’ll usually conclude with a heavy breakfast. that is exactly what I needed to keep it rocking, and I rocked it out on the regular.

Me and the snowbanks

Keep on chugging along my fellow snow shovelers — only a few more weeks (maybe another month tho…) until the weather heats up. At that point, you’ll be able to find me on the shores of a lake somewhere with an iced coffee and/or bloody mary in hand. But until then I am embracing and accepting an April 3rd snowfall.

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