Friday Feels: On a Sunday….

Beautiful internet folks… I am back. After a brief hiatus, I am back with some Friday Feels from the last couple of weeks. I know it is Sunday, but you know what they say… YOLO. Fall came all at once here in Minnesota, and it totally caught me off guard (Yeah, I’m gonna blame my break on the weather…. LOL). But for real, it’s been a busy few weeks. I will give the highlight starting now:

1. Closing up the trailer. My parents came up from Maryland last weekend. We ventured up to the North Woods of Wisconsin to do some reno on an ongoing trailer project. Maybe one day I’ll go into further detail, but here is just a taste of the progress done by 3 Fitzpatricks 🙂 (and the sign that my grandpa made):

Trailer feat. insulation and electricity

2. Zucchini Bread Endeavors. In the last week, I’ve made 5 loaves of zucchini bread…. I have a tough time following recipes in general, but I used two recipes for inspiration. One of the best rated ones that I could find online was HERE (except I added died cranberries and chocolate chips). Then there was this more decadent one from Two Peas and Their Pod HERE. Carbs Carbs Carbs!!

3. Bike Adventures. My back brake wasn’t really working on my bike, Shirley, so my new friends at The Alt Bike and Board helped with the issue. Right after it was fixed I took a long ride around Lake Calhoun and Cedar Lake. I got unfathomably lost but made it home in one piece!!

Shirley by the lake

4. CycleBar + Rihanna. Speaking of biking, I went to an awesome “Concert Ride” at CycleBar in Uptown Minneapolis yesterday. It was the Rihanna ride… so ALL RIHANNA songs. Way too much fun. The instructor, Robert, was just a ROCKSTAR (get it… Rihanna pun…)!

5. New Fergie on Repeat. If you haven’t listened to the new Fergie album, Double Dutchess, you’ve got to listen to it ASAP. So so so good. My favorite track is “You Already Know,” but the whole album is just excellent. Here is the link:

6. Jessie Reyez and Dej Loaf Concert. GO SHOW 9, sponsored by Go 95.3 (my favorite Twin Cities radio station), was this week. There were 5+ acts, a wonderful mix of local acts and bigger names. Highlight: Jessie Reyez blew me away — she has so much talent and such a powerful voice. I’m working on a post on going to concerts, so I’m not gonna spoil too much yet… But the concert was so memorable!

7. Time-blocking and the Like. I’m attempting to find a bit more order in my life. My latest attempt has been with the Best Self Journal. I’m only a couple days in, but I’m thoroughly enjoying the thought process behind the journal’s design. I’ll keep you updated if I’m still using it in a week.

8. Jack in the Kitchen. On a work-life balance related note, I am working to burn through stress in positive ways. Recently, one for me has been cooking. This past Friday I posted up in the kitchen for four or five hours. I made 2 loaves of zucchini bread, veggie stalk, roasted vegetable crostini, and a vegan pumpkin chili. It totally helped me reset my mood. I have lots to say on this one, so I may turn it into another lengthier post.

I think that is all for this post. It is a beautiful day in MPLS today, and I’m going to hop on the bike and go for a ride. Hope y’all have an amazing week!

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