Friday Feels: Startups and HoneyCrisps

PREFACE: It is totally Thursday now, but these are my #FridayFeels from last week. WHOOPS! I didn’t get a chance to edit photos, which TBH can take the longest for me. So, here is the text… I’ll put up a new one tomorrow before I head out of town tomorrow…

Is there going to be a week that I don’t say, “Oh wow! What a busy week…” I’ve been working hard to make the most of my time through organization, but I’m struggling to find the perfect method, nevertheless, I’m making it work!

Twin Cities Startup Week. One of the main reasons that my time felt stretched is that I was bee-bopping between different events for #TwinCitiesStartupWeek. So many great networking opportunities, open bars, and entrepreneurial insights! Met a lot of cool folks pursuing their dreams, which is so motivating for me!

“Scrappy.” On that note, I’m playing with new personal branding to describe my consulting biz. That word is “scrappy.” Besides sharing 6 letters with the word “crappy,” and the rude dictionary definition, I gosh darn love it. It really epitomizes how I work to deliver the best for my clients by working in a creative and hardworking fashion.

Logically, LinkedIn. I’m leaning into LinkedIn hard. I think it is a great platform for what I’m trying to do to grow my freelance business. I am a networker at heart, so it makes so much sense for me to be there. Connect with my on LinkedIn HERE!

Colder weather biking. I am trying to continue to go on my rides with my bike Shirley as the weather gets colder. I am really confused about how to layer correctly…. I will check back in with learnings next week. I get way too hot when I wear pants and a hoodie, but I am WAYYY to cold where I wear shorts and no hoodie. That’s where I’m at so far…

2017 PSL. Big News! I had my ceremonial PSL from Starbucks this past Monday. Now I can officially be a part of fall festivities.

Honeycrisp apples. On that note, my favorite apples were on sale at Cub Foods by the tote bag load. So sweet and crunchy. They really sweeten up my morning green smoothie AND are a great vehicle for caramel sauce.

Song of the week: “Cigarettes and Cush.” I am obsessed with this song by Stormzy and Kehlani. I usually don’t gravitate towards grime artists ever, but this song is ON REPEAT this week (along with the new Fergie album still.) Here is the track:

Thank you for reading. Wishing y’all an amazing weekend.


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