As Promised, A Few Oscar Thoughts

The Oscar’s last night were a whirlwind and I didn’t even catch the entire live broadcast. I was sporadically checking in on Twitter and then spent a good bit of time the morning after catching up. Keep that in mind when you are reading this post. A few thoughts:

Best Picture. The “Best Picture” mishap was the biggest highlight that I garnered from my in-depth research (read: Facebook/Twitter scrolling). Moonlight won the award instead of Hollywood’s baby, La La Land. But it wasn’t just any upset, award announcers, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, declared La La Land as the winner not to have the mistake corrected until after THREE acceptance speeches from the Los Angeles-focused musical’s creators. Feel free to check out Slate’s coverage here.

It was messy and super awkward but ended up with an upset that stole the show. For me, It was like if the Falcon’s came back after being down 25 points against the Patriots during Super Bowl LI (which didn’t happen ICYMI).

I was shocked when I heard the news (and a little bummed for the sake of my Oscar ballot), but I am so happy that Moonlight won “Best Picture.” This was a truly moving piece with absolutely stunning cinematography and acting that blew me away (and brought me to tears multiple times).

Best Animated Feature Film. If you have read any of my movie-related posts so far, you know that I loved Moana. I really do think it has earned a place in my favorite movies of all time (Along with Julie & Julia). But I cannot let that make me bitter about Zootopia because that was a darn fantastic movie. They created an entire world for us viewers to explore along with Judy Hopps, the film’s protagonist. Trolls also took me to another colorful, imaginative world that I am having a tough time getting over. It was a GREAT year for animated films.

Best Original Song. I just wanted to let you know how I am bummed for Lin-Manuel Miranda and his lack of EGOT. “City of Stars” was a great choice to win this category. I am surprised that “Another Day of Sun” did not split the Academy’s vote, letting Miranda’s song for Moana performed by Auli’i Cravalho snag the Oscar.

What really brought me happiness were the performances by John Legend (“City of Stars”), Justing Timberlake (“Can’t Stop The Feeling”), and Auli’i Cravalho (“How Far I’ll Go”). They were truly electrifying. But also, let’s take a second to talk about all of the great music this year in movies. Hidden Figures had a brilliant soundtrack led by Pharrell Williams, which I was shocked didn’t get a nod at all this season.

My Ballot. If you were worried, I did end up winning my Oscar pool, but it did not come without major stresses. If you missed my post yesterday, you can see my full ballot here. My ballot focused on La La Land winning with a few down-ballot awards reflecting that particular prediction. HOWEVER, my way far down-ballot predictions ended up saving me in the end.

In the comments: any thoughts on the fashion last night, I was blown away by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s velvet blue tuxedo, but I am in general a sucker for a tuxedo in any color but black.

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