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Summer Goals: Embrace #LakeLife

Hello beautiful nimble folks,

It has been a while since I last wrote on the blog. There was still snow on the ground the last time that I posted (though that was really only a month ago). Spring 2018 was pretty much non-existent, and I am now firmly in summer mode. It was 100 degrees on Memorial Day in Minneapolis. So hot!

You all know that I love setting goals (though they may or may not be actually attainable). For this post, I was planning on doing a Summer bucket list, but that ended up proving to be too much for one post. SO, I am going to break it into a series that I will contribute to at my leisure. That’s more like it… am I right?

To start this out, my first summer goal is focused on embracing nature with an active lifestyle #FitJack. For a little backstory, I just bought an inflatable kayak on amazon. It was kind of an outrageous late night purchase for me, but I am so happy about it. I can just throw it into the back of my van and haul it to whichever body of water I am feeling. With that in mind:

Summer Goal: Explore all of the lakes in the Twin Cities.

Lake of the Isles Minneapolis
Kayak on Lake of the Isles

As I live in Minneapolis, “The City of Lakes,” I have the chance to really get to know these different bodies of water. I am so grateful to live in a city that has nature woven throughout its infrastructure. I want to take advantage of that this summer.

Whether it be kayaking along with the ducks or taking a leisurely stroll on a path nearby, I am flexible. I haven’t really done all of the research yet, BUT I am keeping a positive attitude and an open mind!

One clarification: When I say all, I mean ones that are sizable, accessible, and not completely filled with algae. I’m not picky — this goal is just about spending time outside with mother nature.

Lake of the Isles
Lake of the Isles

This will be fun, right? I will be cataloguing all of this on instagram, but depending on the stories that develop along this journey, I may put together a long form post or two here on the blog.

In the comments: What are your goals for this summer?

Thanks for reading! The writing bug has snuck up on me, so I hope to have more posts coming out this month. xoxo!


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