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LivingNimbly Revisited

When I first settled upon the idea of “LivingNimbly”, I was inspired by my ability to throw everything I needed into two suitcases, hop on an $89 one-way Southwest flight to anywhere, and settle in for a while. 

And, I did just that. I graduated college in 2016 and hopped on a flight from Baltimore to Minneapolis. I was able to find a job, reconnect with my family out there, find a place to live, and eventually getting into a groove. 

… Four fantastic years went by … And, I realized that I could happily stay in Minneapolis for the rest of my life. This is the place where I fell in love, embraced nature, built my business, and explored my own curiosities in completely organic fashion. I could totally be happy going to the Lyndale Farmer’s Market every Saturday, cruising around the city lakes on my bike, and baking onion galettes in my little Uptown kitchen. 

But in my heart, I still felt something calling out to me. The sense of adventure that inspired the creation of this blog told me that there was more out there for me to explore. And it wasn’t necessarily one place. It was time for me to continue chasing that feeling I felt in 2016 — to continue seeking out adventure in a new way. 

In the background of these feelings is that ominous beast called COVID-19 — a force that has shaped the world in its anxiety-producing grip. Its favorite hobby is to squash the dreams of little ol’ Jack. It made me consider the my avenues for exploration has to be different now. Ones that didn’t require far-reaching travel destinations or large communal gatherings. Sorry, Coachella 2020…

This brings me to August 2020. I packed up my Honda Fit with those same 2 bags I brought to Minneapolis — plus, a wide assortment of liquor store boxes and mismatched canvas totes — for a journey back out East. 

I’ve moved back into my parent’s home in Maryland with very loose plans for a series of new adventures. This will give me space and time to reconnect with the community that shaped me as I grew up, continue to grow my business, explore a historically jam-packed area of this country, and learn to adapt to a place that already holds so many memories.

Minneapolis, I know that our relationship is not over yet, but I still have some unfinished adventuring to take care of as I continue my journey, LivingNimbly


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