By The Numbers: LivingNimbly 2017

I am still here in Maryland with the family for a couple more days until I head back to Minnesota for the new year. This has given me more time to write and work on the blog than I’ve had pretty much all year, so I am taking advantage of it!

If you noticed, I just gave the blog a new theme; though I still have a bit more tinkering to do on it, it is pretty lit right now. A facelift for 2018. AND a more thoughtful choice rather than my “I just need something that will be able to show a particular big picture of a tree” choice that I made earlier this year.

As 2017 winds down, I wanted to provide a quick overview of the growth of LivingNimbly over the past year by the numbers. I was totally inspired by the #2017BestNine hashtag that has been spreading all over the gram. As I have been putting a heavy focus on instagram, as well as the proper blog itself, those are the numbers that I will share. I only started tracking analytics on since June 2017, so those are the numbers that I am including below.



159 posts



Sent product by 3 brands (Maddy & Maize, KindLips, and Dunn Brothers Coffee)

Most “Liked” Post:

Instagram has been especially fruitful for LivingNimbly this year. My original goal was to grow the account to 1,000 followers by the end of the year. I ended up hitting that by August 7th (my birthday) after literally forcing people to follow my account for my entire birthday week. This totally involved me saying, “yeah, you hit that blue button right there” and “I noticed I haven’t gotten a notification that you followed me yet….” Sorry, I’m the worst…

Working with brands has been really fun for me, and I want to do more of this in 2018. I loved working with Dunn Bros on a giveaway supporting new holiday beverages. What is so cool is that I work with influencers from a brand side for General Mills Cereal, so I really value the relationships that sprout between brands and bloggers. (stats since June 2017)

40 posts

705 sessions

567 unique users

Busiest month: September (263 sessions)

Most viewed post: Professional Jack (128 views)

Email List: 40 members (though I only sent out one newsletter lol)

Obviously I’m not the top blog in the world, but these numbers are pretty cool. I cannot believe that I wrote 40 posts. That is almost one a week, which is really exciting to me. Those #FridayFeels posts really kept me going and creating content during a writing slump I was experiencing.

Shout out to all of the 567 who visited my site since June. Even if it was just for 57 seconds, that is SO COOL! Having this space to record my days/weeks has been so important to me. It allowed me to reflect and keep track of the things going on in my life, professionally, personally, health-wise, etc.


Shout out to everyone who has supported me over the last year in this endeavor. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the advice of fellow bloggers (Shout out to the Twin Cities Collective and #MNBlogCon). It has been wonderful to get to know folks in person and in online spaces. 2017 was the first full year that I lived in MPLS, so this was a great chance to meet knew people and explore the city. In the next two days or so, I’ll be posting something framing out my New Year’s resolutions/vision statement. Keep your eyes peeled. xoxoxo Cheers to 2017!

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