Friday Feels: A Purple-tinged Week

The first full week of September was go-go-go. Not only was I hosting friends for Labor Day Weekend but work has been ramping up as I plan for an event next week (and I’m not talking about these ramps). As summer winds down there is just so so so much going on. Gotta soak it all up while it is still warm and beautiful outside.

Week 4 of #FridayFeels. I almost didn’t do this today, but I am happy that I’m keeping it going. Here were the highlights of the week:

1. Paisley Park Visit. This isn’t a highlight of the week. My visit to Paisley Park was actually a highlight of the year, possibly my life. What an incredible place that allowed creativity and art to flourish and bloom like no other, with so many details designed by Prince himself. The energy of the space was intoxicating. Standing where he stood and created his art was like no other feeling. 100% would recommend. This is worth a trip out to Minnesota on its own!

Paisley Park Exterior

2. Prince Photo Exhibit. On a similar purple-hued topic, I ended up in the same building as the Minneapolis Photo Center yesterday for a meeting. When I got to the door, I remembered that I’ve been meaning to get out to the center for the “PRINCE Pre-Fame” exhibit with photography by Robert Whitman. And WOW, it did not disappoint, not one bit. One photo had him sporting an ear to ear grin. I couldn’t stop smiling while looking at it.

“PRINCE Pre Fame” exhibit by Robert Whitman.

3. Starfish and Coffee. Because I’ve already had two #FridayFeels about Prince, I should probably put down one more. “Starfish and Coffee” off of his Sign O’ The Times album has been on repeat for me this whole week.

4. Here comes Shirley. Flashback to a mid-July, I bought an old green Schwinn at a yard sale near my house. This was definitely an impulse purchase, but such a good looking bike. I was in the market for a bike anyway, so it must’ve been fate. This week, I finally got her all fixed up at the Penn Cycle on Lake Street. I named her Shirley and took her for an inaugural ride around Lake Calhoun… Better late than never.

My new bike, Shirley, posing by Lake Calhoun

5. Pleezer. Saw a Weezer cover band this weekend at Day Block Brewing’s Porkapalooza this past weekend called Pleezer. Wow, were they good!

6. End of the 2017 MN State Fair. Took in the state fair for a second time on Saturday. This visit featured Poncho Dogs (YUMMMM!), an in depth look at MN geological formations, and a Lumberjack competition. Pretty sweet, right? The state fair broke attendance records this year. This past Saturday had 254,431 folks!

7. Year of Bacon. Speaking of the State Fair, I won an actual year supply of bacon from the Minnesota Pork Board. I know, I still don’t believe it either. I’ll be receiving all of that delish pork in a couple of weeks. I don’t want to spoil too much, but I have so many plans for this bacon. This is the photo that I took with Julia that changed everything:

Posing with Minnesota Pork

8. Tossing Around the Pigskin. Football season is here! I had my Fantasy Football draft this week. The Chiefs crushed the Patriots last night, which is wild! The Vikings (SKOL Vikings!) are playing the Saints on Monday Night Football. Should be an awesome start to the season.

9. Hurricane Irma. Keeping my thoughts and prayers with those in the path of Hurricane Irma this weekend. I’ve been reading a few articles (NPR and The Guardian) on how these mega-storms could be the new normal, esp. due to climate change. I’m not trying to get too political on #FridayFeels, and I’m not trying to spread blame (at least not right now), BUT we NEED to get a handle on this. Please read up on and donate to organizations that are working hard to fight climate change. Click HERE to find organizations that need your help in the fight against climate change.

That is all for this afternoon. I’m going to take Shirley out for a ride before the sun sets. Have a wonderful weekend folks!

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