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Sunny Days and Summer Squashes

I can’t believe that July is over and August is HERE! I am a Leo, so this is a pretty exciting part of the year for me. NEVERTHELESS — This past week (and really this whole summer) has been rocking at full throttle, and I wanted to check in and let you know about a few fun life updates that went on in the month of July:

Vacationed with the best of them. Between an amazing 4th of July trip to Texas and a family vacation to the lake trailer out in Wisconsin to celebrate three birthdays including my sister’s 21st, July has been a wild ride! But, big news, I am now taking a vacation from vacationing and enjoying all that a Midwest summer has to offer.

Obsessed with local summer vegetables. My roommates and I went in on a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share from Treasured Haven Farm, and I have been LOVING every minute of it. The beginning of the season started out with a LOT of leafy greens, but now we are really rocking and rolling with beautiful zucchinis, bold broccoli bunches, and fresh cucumbers. It makes every lunch packed and dinner served a lot more enjoyable knowing that the food comes from a good place. 

Resolved to do better. If you read my first post, you know that I love a good New Year’s Resolution. This year, I am also doing what I am calling “midsummer resolutions.” This list includes getting to work earlier (ideally by 7:30am each day I go into the office), doing some sort of yoga or meditation everyday, and putting more time in on the blog, re-envisioning what LivingNimbly is all about.

On that note, keep checking in on Instagram, because that is a major focus of mine right now. Now that I’m back in town, I am going to be trying to update a lot more! Thanks for reading! xoxo.

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