Friday Feels: *Phew*

What a whirlwind of a week. Ohmygosh. It is a little late in the day but it is still Friday, so I am going to share some #FridayFeels.

“Busiest Week of the Year.” This past week was likely my busiest work week of the year with my work at General Mills. We were hosting over a dozen of AMAZING new blogger friends in Minneapolis, and I spent most of the week preparing and then introducing them the city once they got here (If you are confused… I am almost done with the what Jack does for a living post… stay tuned for that next week).

The biggest boxes on the smallest dolly

Kicked sickness in the butt. On Monday I was pretty sick… Like total sneezefest sick. But as this was such a busy week, my brain had a word with my body and said, “Body, you have GOT to pull this together for Jack… it is his busiest week of the year. c’mon.” That conversation was met with hot tea (with lemon and honey), a big batch of chicken/pork/veggie soup, like 4 Emergen-C packets, time spent power relaxing on the couch, and lots of positive thinking, I was better by the time our guests arrived on Wednesday evening.

Season 4 of BoJack Horseman. What did I do during my time on the couch? CRUSHED the new season of Netflix’s BoJack Horseman. If you haven’t watched it yet, it is an excellent program. So whimsical with amazing art and writing. And the new season did NOT disappoint one bit.

Caramel apples. I was talking to my friend, Annie, while I was at the grocery store when I was picking up a few things to get better, and she said “Jack, if something makes you happy and makes you feel good, it will make you better.” SO, I bought a caramel apple coated in peanuts and it was delish, and there are vitamins in apples (and caramel… right?)

Pattypan squash. In other food related news, I cooked a Pattypan squash just like a steak and served it with eggs. SO YUMMY!

Pattypan Squash and Eggs

Vikings debut. SKOL Vikings! We were looking GOOD on Monday Night Football this week against the Saints. In other news, I lost at fantasy football this week…

Great times with friends. Went to a housewarming/game night last weekend with some wonderful friends, and played Cash N’ Guns (did I actually just link to… amazing). Super fun game paired with tasty Indian food.

Ross Makes Art. I saw the coolest piece of art in the Sencha Tea Bar in Uptown and had to share. It is by a local artist, Ross Makes Art. Share some love if you love it too.

“Be Excellent” by Ross Makes Art.

Last weeks of summer. It’s still summer because I am totally not falling for that whole “Fall is here” thing. And guess who agrees with me? Mother Nature. It was hot hot hot this week. 90 degrees on Thursday. Take that Starbucks! (But, it is almost time for my yearly PSL!)

Thank you for being awesome readers. Stay tuned for more posts next week and keep up with me on the gram HERE. Have an AMAZING weekend folks!


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  • Judith

    I just finished reading all of your Friday Feels. I loved them all. Great energy and interesting activities all tied together with downright good writing. Laughed outloud about your big win, a year’s supply of bacon from the MN Pork Board! If you need freezer space, I’ve got some.

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