Intro to LivingNimbly

Take more selfies, embark on that smoothie cleanse again, stop watching Tasty videos for hours on end, write more, walk more, run more, travel more, travel less, join a gym with group classes, journal dreams eah night, get out there on the dating scene, freelance more, Instagram once a day, respond to texts more often, blah blah blah…

Each year, I have big plans for my new year resolutions. They usually involve a lot of time and energy — two things that (for me… and I hope I’m not alone in this one) can be tough to come by.

This one has been on my mental resolution list for years. “Jack, you should start a blog” or “Jack, it might be a good idea to start cataloging your life just in case you forget” or “Jack, maybe if you start a blog, all of your readers will hold you accountable for your ridiculously long yearly list of resolutions.” So, here we go. I am embarking on this journey.

Now that I am finally writing this post, I am beginning to feel how awkward it is to just talk about myself for these 200 words or so that I have written about myself so far… And… I want to do this everyday (or more realistically three times a week)?!? I’m going to try not the be too deep or too boring, but I will work to be authentically me in each and every post.

My main goal with LivingNimbly is to record snapshots of my experience as a young millennial. According to this buzzfeed quiz, I am 75% millennial stereotype. Though the stereotypes can be pretty brutal (mostly being lazy, viral-video addicted piles of sludge), I find a lot of beauty in this generation’s ability to live nimbly.

In the title, LivingNimbly, I am talking about living life by the seat of one’s pants. I’ll be, as my mom says, “living in the moment,” trying to be the best I can be!

A little about me: I am a recent college graduate who relocated to the city of Minneapolis, MN from Washington, D.C. I was born in Minnesota and have lots of family in the area, but I moved not knowing many people my age.

Things that happened since I moved 5 months ago: landed an exciting job working with bloggers (another source of the inspiration for this blog), stumbled upon a few awesome roommates from Craigslist (I know… how 21st century!), and now, starting to fill in the rest of life’s puzzle, piece by piece… sorry, I’m a little (read as: a lot) corny.

This opening post is hopefully going to be the most challenging for a while. Let’s see how this goes. Welcome to LivingNimbly!



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