Springtime is here!

Starbucks got me firmly in the mood to talk about springtime. I was going to recap my last week on my high-energy, perilous, relaxing trip to Atlantic City, NJ (hopefully will get that up tomorrow) or put up this chicken recipe that I have been putting off for weeks. Instead, I’m going to write about all of the reasons that Spring gets me going.

I think that spring may be my favorite season of the year. Earlier today, I read a CNN article called “Spring, the unsung season.” And to say the least, I was really in to it. It made me think about all of the things springtime means to me.

“Cherry Blossoms” (Photo by Jack Fitzpatrick)

Flowers, Flowers, Everywhere. After living in D.C., I am so spoiled when it comes to springtime blooms. I would always take a day and head down to the National Mall and soak in the beautiful cherry blossoms. Few things are prettier than the delicate, natural hue of a flower: blues, yellows, pinks, and reds. On a similar note:

Trees. I love trees. If you noticed on my blog there are a few different pictures of trees hanging around, though I don’t write many posts about trees. For me, they represent growth, wisdom, and cycles. When I moved to the midwest, I was blown away by the trees. I’m not sure why, but there seemed to be this energy inside of them that I did not take the time to notice living on the east coast.

“So Jack, there are trees all year long. What is it about spring trees” Well, thank you, concerned reader! Bare trees bum me out. Wiry branches spiraling up to the sky are something, but full-leafed trees are everything. And, don’t even get me started on blooming trees!

“Green Swampy Trees” (Photo by Jack Fitzpatrick)

The Great Defrost. I know that this happens all over the place. The warm comes in to melt off remaining snow in preparation for spring flowers. This particular winter has been a bit different for me as it has been my first living in Minnesota since I was 4 years old. The cold has drained me. I am ready for warmth to revitalize me.

With the tumultuous weather that has been going on across the country, I know that the warm weather that I am feeling right now could fade back to winter at any time, but as it is officially springtime, I am letting myself be cautiously optimistic when it comes to expecting warm weather when I peak out the door in the morning.

Spending Time In The Sun. That vitamin D though… I’ve been feeling cooped all up indoors over the last few months, as there have been many moments where I say to myself: “I really don’t want to bundle up more to make it outside.”

I’m ready to sprawl out on patio furniture. I’m ready to bring my work-from-home office outdoors. I’m ready to soak in allllll of that Vitamin D.

Gin. You know what Spring means? It is time for gin. The citrus and juniper flavors of gin POP in this season. I don’t have much evidence backing this claim up, but it is so true. Now is the time to switch from vodka and whiskey of the winter months to gin. For real. I’m not joking! Have a gin & soda with a splash of lime tonight! You won’t regret it.

In the comments: Why do you like spring? Let me know.

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